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French administration can be stressful. We’re here to help.

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We can help with every aspect of your move to France and make sure things go smoothly when you arrive.

Bespoke Relocation Service

This all-encompassing service covers every aspect of your transition to France, ensuring a smooth and efficient process as you integrate into the heart of French culture.

Administrative Assistance

We take the hassle out of long and sometimes complicated French administrative procedures, such as visas, healthcare, vehicle registrations and more.

Financial Advice

Our Financial team will help you fully understand your financial situation before you move to France, along with the implications of income tax, property wealth tax, inheritance, pensions, investments and Wills.

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Who do we help?

Our services help English speakers from all over the world who prefer not to deal with French processes themselves or feel more comfortable with a bit of expert assistance.

So whether you are planning your move to France or are already here, if you would like to save time and enjoy peace of mind, we’re your perfect admin partner.

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French Connections HCB strive to provide the most reliable and efficient relocation and admin services, without compromising on quality. We also aim to prove our expertise, fair prices and customer care, so that we continue our business relationship for many years, beyond the first service we complete.

What people say about us

Ben Miu
Ben Miu
27 March 2024
Completed my drivers license exchange with Annabelle. Absolutely perfect customer service and execution of getting the right requirements and time line was much earlier than expected.
19 February 2024
We have used and are still using HCB services for our relocation from Canada to France. We have been very impressed with the professionalism and dedication that HCB staff particularly, Juliette and Richard, have applied to our relocation project. All our needs were met at the highest level with every process explained and executed in the proper sequence and timing to effect a smooth transition into French life. We feel very safe and confident with the HCB services provided and would recommend without hesitation their services to those who plan relocation to France.
Tom Greenhill
Tom Greenhill
6 February 2024
I enlisted the services of HCB to help help with the importation and registration of our car from the UK to France as part of our relocation. From start to finish Annabelle and the team handled everything with speed and care. Thorough responses to all of my questions and assistance all the way through the (lengthy — thanks Brexit & bureaucracy!) process. They saved me many headaches as trying to find the required information is rather difficult, even as a French speaker! Would definitely recommend without hesitation.
Michael Harrison
Michael Harrison
15 December 2023
Amazing service. Thank-you so much Juliette for your support with my application. Merry Christmas
Paul Major
Paul Major
3 October 2023
Juliette Harancot of “French Connections” facilitated the whole process with the minimum of fuss, effectively, efficiently and allowing for French Govt bureaucracy rapidly. Thank you Juliette, you were a star.
Sean Mee
Sean Mee
13 September 2023
I have had the opportunity to partner with French Connections on drivers licenses, Cartes Vitale, and a Carte Grise. In each case, my expectations were greatly exceeded. It’s no secret that a service company lives and dies by its people, and in this regard, French Connections is unmatched. Silvia, Annabelle, and Jenya are incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, proactive, innovative, thorough, and relentless in their advocacy. Seldom has a company’s performance so matched its marketing: French Connections allows you to enjoy what’s best about this wonderful country.
Chris Brickey
Chris Brickey
11 September 2023
French Connections H-C-B was extremely helpful to us during our relocation and acclimation to France. The team is knowledgeable and responsive.
Gigi Du Nistian
Gigi Du Nistian
10 August 2023
It was a long hard slog but we got there in the end. Thank you Juliette for finally getting it all signed sealed and delivered. Thanks also to the rest of the team. From Michelle and Justin
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This week we meet Tony and Natasha, who have recently settled in the Dordogne along with Natasha’s 75 year old mum. The welcome they have received from their new home in the Dordogne is heartwarming. Tony originates from East London, while Natasha and her mum are from Ukraine. Tony and Natasha arrived in France in early February this year, while Natasha’s mum followed a few

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