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French administration can be stressful. We’re here to help.

Your one-stop administration partner in France

We can help with every aspect of your move to France and make sure things go smoothly when you arrive.

Bespoke Relocation Service

This all-encompassing service covers every aspect of your transition to France, ensuring a smooth and efficient process as you integrate into the heart of French culture.

Administrative Assistance

We take the hassle out of long and sometimes complicated French administrative procedures, such as visas, healthcare, vehicle registrations and more.

Financial Advice

Our Financial team will help you fully understand your financial situation before you move to France, along with the implications of income tax, property wealth tax, inheritance, pensions, investments and Wills.

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Who do we help?

Our services help English speakers from all over the world who prefer not to deal with French processes themselves or feel more comfortable with a bit of expert assistance.

So whether you are planning your move to France or are already here, if you would like to save time and enjoy peace of mind, we’re your perfect admin partner.

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French Connections HCB strive to provide the most reliable and efficient relocation and admin services, without compromising on quality. We also aim to prove our expertise, fair prices and customer care, so that we continue our business relationship for many years, beyond the first service we complete.

What people say about us

French Connections HCB

The Three Year Journey Of A Triumph Bonneville

This week we introduce our client Nick Allan, who is finally able to ride his Triumph Bonneville after an administrative nightmare that has taken three years to resolve. “I first got in touch with Richard at French Connections HCB in 2022 over this motorbike that I’d bought. It was a Triumph Bonneville. I bought it when I was visiting the UK in 2019 and a

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Starting a Business in France
French Connections HCB

Essential Considerations for Starting a Business in France: A Guide for Expats

For many expats, starting a business in France can be a thrilling and fulfilling venture. The country offers a rich cultural landscape, diverse market opportunities, and an encouraging entrepreneurial environment. However, launching a business in a foreign country also involves overcoming challenges, such as navigating complex regulations, administrative procedures, and understanding the local market. That’s where French Connections HCB, your one-stop administration partner, steps in

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french culture
French Connections HCB

Integrating into French Culture: Tips for English-Speaking Expats to Embrace their New Home

Relocating to France presents English-speaking expats with an exciting opportunity to experience the richness of French culture first-hand. Successfully adapting to and embracing the cultural nuances can significantly enhance your experience and create lasting memories of your time in France. By immersing yourself in the local culture and customs, you can build strong connections and develop a genuine appreciation for your new home. French Connections

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stand at a place in the sun exhibition
Relocating to France
French Connections HCB

How to stand out from the crowd

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a big show like A Place In The Sun Live, here’s your chance to find out! So far this year, our team at French Connections HCB has been invited to take part in no fewer than 5 live events and we’ve said yes to all of them. It’s a great chance for us to meet

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vehicle registratrion
Government Assistance
French Connections HCB

Stalled by a complex vehicle registration

This week we introduce you to a couple who fell foul of French bureaucracy trying to register a car in France. British couple Suzi and Peter had lived in Hong Kong for 30 years before moving to Nice in the south of France in 2019. Suzi explains, “We needed to buy a car, but because we hadn’t been in France for very long, we couldn’t

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Health Insurance and Medical Services
French Connections HCB

Guide to Healthcare in France: Navigating the System as an Expat

Relocating to a new country brings with it a myriad of challenges, including understanding and accessing the local healthcare system. In France, healthcare services enjoy a high standard, with the nation often ranking among the best in the world for its quality of care. However, as an expat, navigating the intricacies of registering in the French social security system, known as Sécurité Sociale, and taking

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