Vehicle Purchasing

From classic cars and motorbikes to the very latest models, we will handle the entire sourcing and purchasing process on your behalf.

Looking to buy a car in France? We have sourced 100’s of classic and contemporary cars and motorbikes for our clients in the past two years. 

With access to a wide network of reliable sellers all over Europe and a passion for cars, we’re ideally placed to help you find your ideal vehicle. 

 This new service includes a France-wide search for the perfect car, full inspection, negotiations and paperwork plus delivery within 48 hours to any address in France.  Book a free consultation at a time to suit you below. 


What does the process look like?

Here’s a step by step breakdown

We start with a free consultation

Fill the contact form below to receive your free consultation link. Simply choose a date and time to suit you to discuss what sort of vehicle you’re looking for. 

After our chat

We send you a quote.

The search is on

Once we have received your deposit, we begin an extensive search to find the ideal vehicle. 

Lets see what we've found

We present to you a selection of vehicles to choose from. 

Negotiation and paperwork

We negotiate a good deal with the seller and handle all the paperwork on your behalf. 

Final steps!

The vehicle is ready! At this stage you can collect the vehicle yourself or we can arrange delivery anywhere in France thanks to our transport partner (delivery cost not included) 

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost will depend on the vehicle you’re wanting. Once we’ve had a chat about your requirements and conducted the initial research you’ll receive a no obligation quote. More often than not the cost of the service is covered by what we negotiate off the price!  

Yes, a full and valid UK driver’s licence will still allow you to drive in all European Union countries, including France.  

You should also carry proof of insurance and vehicle ownership as well as a passport or national identification card to satisfy the French authorities. 

There’s less turnover of second hand vehicles as the French, in general, keep their cars for longer. New car prices in the EU are a potentially a little more expensive than at home, but that is where our negotiating skills come in! French brands such as Renault and Peugeot are always competitive.

Yes a French address is needed, but we can help with that if you do not currently have one! 

Insurance becomes your responsibility at midnight on the day of purchase. We recommend our insurance partner where you can get a very competitive quote online in just a few minutes.

We can arrange with our transport partner to have your car delivered to any address in France.  

Thinking of buying a car outside of France?

We can also help you purchase a vehicle outside of France and do all the relevant registration for you!  

This process is alot more involved with the cost depending on the vehicle’s year of registration, horsepower, environmental impact and local car tax.
Once we have those details, we’ll send you a detailed quote within 24 hours. You can then study the full cost breakdown and decide if you would like to go ahead.

Fill in form and lets start the search!

In order to get the ball rolling, we just need a few details from you, please fill out the contact form here and we’ll get back to you straight away.

You can also contact us by phone or email if you prefer:

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