Healthcare Application

French administration can be stressful. Let us do it for you.

We take care of your healthcare application from start to finish

With years of experience in dealing with French authorities,  we’ll get you registered into the French Healthcare system in the quickest time possible.  

 Your guarantee: If we are unable to obtain your carte Vitale, even for reasons outside our control, we offer a 100% refund. 

What does the process look like?

Here’s a step by step breakdown


We’ll check you are eligible to apply for the French healthcare system and send you a quote. 

Document collection

Once we have received your deposit, we will ask you for the documents we need. 

Contacting the CPAM

We contact your local CPAM on your behalf. They will review your file and either process it or ask for additional documents. 

Temporary social security number

Your CPAM will send you a temporary social security number by post. This will allow you to be reimbursed for medical fees while you wait for your permanent SSN. 

Obtaining your carte Vitale

You will receive your permanent social security number along with a form to fill out and return. Approximately two weeks later, your carte Vitale will arrive.

"Ameli" account creation

We will create an ‘Ameli’ account for you. This will allow you to track your reimbursements and contact the French healthcare authorities directly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost for us to handle the entire procedure is €1250, with the option for a split payment.

We also offer complete refunds if we’re unable to obtain your carte Vitale.

The process, from the moment you apply until you receive your carte Vitale can take up to 11 months.

You become eligible for public french health care after 3 months of consecutively living in France but some documents required for the affiliation process can take a few weeks to gather. Therefore please don’t hesitate to enquire as soon as you have arrived in France.

For private healthcare we recommend getting a personalised quote from our partners Fab French Insurance.

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