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Welcome to the French Connections HCB Resource Center, your go-to hub for essential tools and information to make your move to France as smooth as possible. This is a new section of our website, and we are excited to bring you a range of resources, guides, and interactive tools. We will be adding new content weekly, so be sure to check back often for the latest updates and resources.

French Embassy Consulate

Find French Embassies and Consulates

Locate the nearest French embassies and consulates in your area. This tool provides up-to-date contact information and addresses.

rsz schengen zone calculator ()

Schengen 90/180 Day Calculator

Use our 90/180 Day Calculator to ensure you stay within the allowed number of days in the Schengen Zone. This tool helps you plan your trips and avoid overstaying.

Health Insurance and Medical Services

Get a quote for medical insurance to ensure you have the necessary coverage while living in France. Our tool provides quick and accurate quotes tailored to your needs.

Moving to France Budgeting

Our carefully selected  FX Currency Exchange partners are on hand to provide hassle-free, efficient currency conversion solutions for our clients.

Want to discuss your move to France

Navigating the move to France can be complex, with critical procedures at every turn. If the road ahead seems unclear, we’re here to offer clarity and support. Reach out to us to craft your bespoke relocation plan, so you can move to France with complete confidence. Begin with ease and assurance.

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Coming Soon:

Our Resource Center is continuously expanding to include a wide range of guides, tools, and resources to assist you with your relocation to France. Here are some of the new features and content you can expect to see soon:

  • Which Visa is Right for Me?: A comprehensive form to help you determine the best visa option for your situation.
  • Understanding French Visas: Detailed guides on the various types of visas available and application processes.
  • Navigating French Healthcare: Information on how to register for healthcare services in France.
  • Property Buying Tips in France: Essential tips and advice for purchasing property in France.
  • Cultural Integration Tips: Guidance on adapting to French customs and integrating into local communities.
  • Driving in France: Information on converting your driving license and understanding French driving laws.
  • Tax Planning for Expats: Resources on managing your taxes and understanding French tax regulations.
  • Schooling and Education: Insights into the French education system and enrolling your children in school.
  • Setting Up Utilities: Step-by-step guides on setting up utilities and essential services in your new home.
  • Banking in France: Information on opening a bank account and managing finances in France.

Check back regularly for these updates and more as we continue to enhance our Resource Center to better serve your needs.

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