Yes, you can still move to France post-Brexit!

We’re getting lots of enquiries from people who believe they’ve missed their chance to move to France because they didn’t get here before the Brexit deadline of December 31 2020. Happily, that’s not true and you can still move to Europe. The only thing that’s different is the way you do it.

Before Brexit, you could enter France freely and apply for a carte de séjour (residency) two months later. Post Brexit, you now need to apply for an initial visa to enter the country, so there’s an extra step in the journey. But don’t let that put you off.

At French Connections HCB, we offer a one hour video consultation with our Relocation Expert to guide you every step of the way, from helping to decide which visa best suits your situation to filling in your application. We can also advise on health insurance, which is obligatory for the duration of your visa. Partnering with one of France’s largest English-speaking insurance companies, we’ve been able to secure affordable bridging and top-up health insurance for all our French Connections clients and we will happily put you in touch.

Of course, not everybody needs a full hour of consultation or our complete Settling In France service. Some people feel confident enough about the process to do it themselves but just have a few unanswered questions and can’t seem to find reliable answers on the internet.  If that’s you, our new 20 minute Q&A session might be the perfect solution. It also works well if you are already in France but need a bit of help integrating because you’re short of time or unfamiliar with some of the administrative vocabulary.

With our extensive experience in relocation and settling in France, we can provide all the answers you need, clarify details and guide you through any process you don’t fully understand.  You can ask as many questions as you like within the limit of the 20 minute session. To make the most of the time, we recommend that you prepare them beforehand. Some of our most frequently asked questions include: 

– What is the process to become a resident in France? 

– Is it possible to buy a house in France even if I don’t live there yet? 

– How do I open a bank account in France? 

– Do I need private health insurance or will I be automatically entitled to a Carte Vitale? 

– How can I get a French Social Security number? 

– How can I bring my pets over to France?  

– How does micro-entrepreneurship work, and how can I set it up?  

– How can change my driving licence to a French one? 

– Will I need to pay tax in France if I am only there for 6 months? 

– How soon before my planed move should I apply for my visa? 

– How can I register my kids at school? 

– I submitted an application or request with a French authority but haven’t heard back.  What can I do? 

Whether you choose the one hour consultation or a 20 minute Q&A, French Connections HCB will take away the stress of relocating to France, Italy or Portugal and use our own experience to smooth the way.

Want to know more? Talk to our Relocation Expert, Diana, about which option is best for you. Just click on this link to her diary so you can choose a time to suit you:


We look forward to helping you.

The French Connections HCB Team

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